On the 23rd September 2019 I had the privilege on being on a panel discussion, hosted by sustainability expert Camilla Mary Rose to talk about all the things Sustainable beauty.

It was a fully-booked event!

 “The 21st century consumer has woken up to the real cost that their beauty regimen has on the planet, and is realising that simple but effective steps need to be taken to clean up their routines – and the beauty businesses + brands are not just listening, but acting. ⁣

The conclusion? In 2020, the beauty industry will be defined by its contributions to society, whether through actions to help the environment or messages of empowerment. The time to ACT is now!” – Camilla Mary Rose 

It was great to be able to share FRANK’S REMEDIES views on sustainability and ethics. For starters our product bottles are made from aluminium, glass and PET that are all recyclable and reusable materials.

Secondly, our product boxes are biodegradable and are made from cardboard and plant based materials with soya ink.

What does this mean? It means a cleaner environment for everyone, it means we are conserving our energy as a planet and cutting down on waste.  

We also work closely with our farmers/suppliers to ensure high ethical standards are being maintained. This means farmers are paid a fair wage and confidence that the ingredients are being cultivated effectively and sustainably.
Ethical and sustainable practices are very important to my own morals; it also benefits the people using the products as it provides transparency.

I felt very grateful to share my knowledge on the topic and answer questions from the very well informed audience

Keep shining!

Kyle Frank