Hey there, and welcome to Frank’s Journal!

As we are already in autumn & so close to Christmas!

Here are my top 10 wintry skincare tips to keep you glowing:

Wintry tip 1:
Hydrate from the inside out! Water makes up 60% of the human body. It rids the skin and body of toxins whilst helping with digestion, circulation and the transportation of nutrients. “Water is life, and the driving force of all nature”

Wintry tip 2:
Cold, harsh weather conditions not only takes a toll on your immunity system but also your skin. Eating lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables can keep your skin soft and refreshed this winter.

Wintry tip 3:
For a cold winter day, the antioxidant rich dandelion herbal tea can be just the thing. It has an anti-inflammatory capacity as well promoting liver health.

Not only that but it tastes delicious too!

Wintry tip 4:
The harsh weather conditions can strip you of your vital moisture. The Frank’s Remedies, MIRACLE WATERS Face Wash acts as a double cleanser that rids the skin of bacteria and washes away dead skin cells - leaving you with a silky smooth vibrant glow. There’s nothing better for these cold days!

Wintry tip 5:
The cold winter conditions can leave your lips feeling extra dry. The 100% natural HEALING Lip Butter will soothe, heal and protect dry cracked lips whilst promoting your natural pink pigmentation. A perfect match this winter season!

Wintry tip 6:
A perfect winter tip is to learn how to moisturise properly, using the right creams and cleansers. Switch to all natural ingredients, The CLEARING Face Cream is rich in antioxidants, giving you improvements to hydration and refining pores - leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced.

Wintry tip 7:
Winter can leave your skin feeling dull and dry causing stressful breakouts. Let the ULTIMATE DETOX Face Mask help out. One of the active ingredients is turmeric, this ingredient is renowned for it ability to brighten the skin, This formula helps reduce the number of imperfections whilst improving skin vitality, elasticity and clarity. Who doesn’t want a radiant complexion this winter?

Wintry tip 8:
The wintry weather can be extra hard for make up lovers. Use the CALMING Facial Spritz as a base, as it gives the make up less of a chance to clog your pores. Carry the Facial Spritz around for an on the go hydration, energy boosting feeling. It can also be doubled as a setting spray to keep your make up in place, as rose water is one of the key ingredients – it has a beautiful floral scent too!

That’s all for now, see you on our next page of the journal!

FRANK (22/09/19)