16 Model at Nevs

It took 3-4 months for his skin to clear, using the full routine day and night. In 4-5 weeks the spots underneath his skin began rise to the surface, become hard and eventually fall off. It took some time after that to heal the blemishes, discolouration and scarring he had. He is now acne free, but continues to use the products while his hormones balance.

‘These products have been a saviour, thank you so much for creating them, they help keep my skin in check and also makes my skin glow’



14 student

She had very sensitive skin, and we had to focus on calming and healing her skin. It took 6-7 months in the before and after using the full routine day and night. The products helped reduce redness, and detoxify her skin. Toward the end of her skin journey she only needed to use the MIRACLE WATERS Face Wash, CLEARING Face Cream, CALMING Facial Spritz, and THE ULTIMATE DETOX Face Mask (2 times a week)

‘I never knew what to do when I started to get acne, it was a bit shocking as it came up all of a sudden. I really like the products, and am happy my skin is now clear and calm’


Kyle Frank, Founder

Hi everyone, my name is Kyle Frank, and I am the founder of FRANK’S REMEDIES. I believe it only fair to the other brave people who shared their images, to share my before and after too. My full story can be found in the above tab ‘MY STORY’.

Once I formulated the products and created the effective routine, it took 8 months to clear my skin. I suffered with cystic acne, and had deep acne scars. Trying every product out there, and GP prescribed medications, I am happy I went the natural route, as I focused on balancing the skin, rather than drying it out - to give the appearance of clear skin. The products are great at healing acne and spots, but also make your skin look GREAT & GLOW.