THE GLOW UP is a 5 (session) week programme of workshops in Secondary Schools I developed, for 11-15 year olds designed to promote positive body image. 

During my experience with acne, I found that there was not an outlet in the form of a skincare brand that dealt with both the emotional effects of the skin condition. I wanted to have a brand that had a remedy for both the physical and emotional aspects.

The projects aims to explore mental health; the psychology of body image, how to communicate effectively with others and ourselves. It also explores how foods and diet can impact us, within body image and mental health. At the end of the programme, there is a fun product-making course, that teaches children how to make DIY products from household materials; that can help with skin concerns of dry skin, acne –prone, and oily skin.

Students will have the chance to share what they have learnt from the programme in their year groups’ assembly, followed by an award ceremony where students will receive a certificate accredited by AQA, for their completion of the programme.

With the rise of social media, and young people of the ages of 11-15 feeling the pressure more than ever, I felt the workshop would be needed.

Around 60% of bullying in Secondary School is related to body image. 

The project aims to combat this, by improving self-esteem, raising body positivity. I aim for this to improve students’ engagement with education; and essentially help them find their passion in career for their GLOW UP, by letting go of any fears they may have about their self-perception of body image. As well as how to be enterprising, resilient and ambitious! 

There is an award ceremony at the end of the programme, and students will receive a certificate accredited by AQA, for their completion of the programme.

I developed this programme through Battersea Arts Centre, ‘Agency for change’.  I had to pitch the idea, against other projects to a panel of professionals after the 12-week course. The project was deemed to make a positive social impact and felt was greatly needed in the community, because of this the project received funding, and began the launch of the GLOW UP

If you are Secondary School/Organisation, and feel the project would be of benefit to your students.

Or if you would like to be an influential speaker that would like to share your GLOW UP, please get in touch below.